2018 Preservation Award Winners

Every year, Historic Waxahachie, Inc. presents awards at our Annual Meeting and Christmas Party.

Historic Preservation Leadership Award

The Preservation Leadership Award goes to the individual or organization that has made significant contributions in shaping local preservation endeavors and the Historic Preservation Award for properties that have been restored with exemplary attention to preservation guidelines.

2018 Recipient: Mark Singleton, Citizens National Bank

Historic Preservation Award (Commercial)

The recipient of this year’s Historic Preservation Award for commercial restoration goes to 208 W Franklin St., home of The Plaid Turtle Draft House. The Restoration work was done by Chris Acker. The owner of The Plaid Turtle is Justin Hargrove and his wife, Kim. The façade of the building at 208 W. Franklin has been completely changed several times through the years since it was built in the 1920s. The façade that was in place before the current rehabilitation exhibited none of the building’s original historic features. The current iteration, though not a complete restoration, is an interpretation of the original storefront that more closely resembles the authentic look of a downtown commercial space than any of the former facades. The work done on this building compliments the look and feel of our downtown.

2018 Recipient: The Plaid Turtle Draft House (208 W. Franklin St.)

Historic Preservation Award (Residential)

The recipient of the HWI Preservation award for exemplary residential restoration goes to George and Ginger Cole for their house at 115 Kaufman. George and Ginger purchased the original home c. 1893 with the updated addition c.1910 known as the Templeton home in 2016. It was in desperate need of TLC. The house had been split up and used as a boarding house and deemed uninhabitable. After almost 3 years of hard work, filling 10 30 cubic yard dumpsters and countless trips to the convenience station, working to maintain the integrity of the house while bringing it up to 2017 code it is now a beautiful home once again. It is almost complete. The icing on the cake will be the restoration of the haydite relief on the front gable as well as landscaping and hardscape.

2018 Recipient: George & Ginger Cole (115 Kaufman)