Saving Places Waxahachie

Historic Waxahachie, Inc.

 Saving Places Waxahachie


What historic place in Waxahachie means the most to you?

In 2022, Historic Waxahachie, Inc. (HWI) began a new program, “Saving Places Waxahachie,” to give our community the opportunity to share why a historic place at least 50 years old is important to you. The entries were a wonderful sampling of the many historic places in Waxahachie. Every one of these places has a story. We asked people to share their stories.

The places and their stories that you shared ranged from a grandmother’s house to the Waxahachie City Cemetery, and the stories highlight how our historic places add meaning to our lives. They also show us the value of preserving these places, with their stories.

We hope you will be inspired to share your story in 2023!  All entries for 2023 must be received by Friday, April 28, 2023.  Click HERE  for more information and how you can enter your nomination for our 2023 contest.

Below are the stories we received in 2022.

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