Endangered Places Program

Why a List of Waxahachie’s Most Endangered Places?

Waxahachie is one of the most historic towns in Texas, but our heritage is fragile. Each year, many historic places disintegrate, are torn down, or are “remodeled,” and stripped of their historic features and significance. The reasons for the loss of historic places include neglect, encroaching development, or lack or resources, such as time, money and the skills needed to maintain a historic place. Often, a place vanishes without our ever knowing the stories connected to the place that tell an important part of Waxahachie history. And once these places are gone, they’re gone.

By creating a list of endangered places in Waxahachie, we highlight a few of the many historic places threatened. We hope that by spotlighting these endangered places, we will increase our community’s understanding of the value of our historic places and encourage people to preserve the places and their stories.

We are greatly indebted to the people who have preserved many of our current historic treasures for us to enjoy, and hope in years to come to be able to move places from our “Most Endangered Places” to a list of “This Place Saved!” 

This year, Historic Waxahachie’s Most Endangered Places List includes:

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Past Endangered Places Programs: