HWI Awards 6th Annual Essay Scholarship

Historic Waxahachie, Inc. (HWI) awarded its $1,500.00 scholarship to Waxahachie High School Senior Emma Perkins at the Waxahachie ISD Awards Night on May 15th.  Emma wrote an inspiring essay on “Why does having so many well preserved historic properties make Waxahachie a better place to live”.  Excerpts from her essay were read during public comments at the May 6th City Council meeting where she also served as Honorary City Council member.  Emma will be attending Texas A&M University in the Fall.

HWI has been providing scholarships for the last 6 years as a way to help the future generation of citizens recognize the importance of historic preservation in Waxahachie.  Each year, the essay question changes and each year the students write well informed and thought provoking essays.

Max Simpson, who has served on the HWI Scholarship Committee since it began in 2019, stated that “This years’ applicants for the HWI Scholarship were the strongest group of all the students in the 6 years we have been doing this.  We want to thank these amazing students and the wonderful teachers who guide them every day.”

Because of the number of applicants and because the students wrote such great essays, the HWI Board of Directors agreed to also provide two additional scholarships – one for $1,000 and another for $500.  Natalie Rosales from Waxahachie High School was awarded the $1,000 scholarship for her essay.  She will be attending Stephen F. Austin State University.  Sarah Barker from Waxahachie High School, who will be attending The University of Texas, was awarded the $500 scholarship.


Kirk Davis, from the HWI Scholarship Committee, presented Emma, Natalie and Sarah with their scholarship checks at the WHS Awards Night on May15th.  “All the students that applied were great and we are so proud of them.  HWI is able to make this scholarship available as it meets our mission to work to protect Waxahachie’s great history for past, present and future generations.  These young people are the future and we hope they move back to Waxahachie one day and continue to help our City and protect its history”, stated Davis.

This is the 6th year HWI has made this scholarship available to WISD graduating students from Waxahachie High School, Global High School and the Waxahachie High School of Choice.  By providing this scholarship, HWI hopes the students will remember that history is more than just reading a book and remembering dates and names.  It is about personal stories and how they affect us.  HWI also hopes that these students will remember the rich history of Waxahachie that will always be an important part of their lives.  Congratulations to Emma, Natalie and Sarah and all the 2024 WISD graduates!