Oldham Street Becomes First Historic District in Waxahachie

Waxahachie has its first residential historic district–the Oldham Street Historic Overlay District. The Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) has been working very hard on this ordinance which passed unanimously at the September 17th City Council meeting after many residents and concerned citizens voiced their support. Protection and proper preservation of our beautiful historic neighborhoods is needed. Not only does historic preservation bring in tourists and tax revenue to our city, our culture and history is at stake. If we lose our homes, we lose the charm and character that makes Waxahachie so special and unique. HWI fully supports the efforts of the HPC.

You can read more about this new district in the Waxahachie Daily Light article. HWI would like to clarify one point in the print version of the article where it says “…residents can opt out now under current rules. With the district, they are not required to participate.” Now that the district is in place, residents looking to make changes to their home’s façade have to receive approval from the HPC before permits for the work can be issued.