HWI Awards 5th Annual Scholarship

Historic Waxahachie, Inc. awarded a $1,500.00 scholarship to Waxahachie High School Senior Amber Morgan.   Amber wrote an essay on why having so many well-preserved historic properties makes Waxahachie a better place to live.   She thoughtfully describes that historic structures allow citizens to honor and learn from their past decisions, cause conversation between generations, and allow us to leave a positive impact on our City.  Amber will be attending the University of Notre Dame in the Fall.

This is the 5th year HWI has made this scholarship available to WISD graduating students from Waxahachie High School, Global High School and the Waxahachie High School of Choice.  By providing this scholarship, HWI hopes the students will remember that history is more than just reading a book and remembering dates and names.  It is about personal stories and how they affect us.  HWI also hopes that these students will remember the rich history of Waxahachie that will always be an important part of their lives.  Congratulations to Amber and to all 2023 WISD graduates!

2023 HWI Essay Scholarship Recipient

Amber Morgan